Photo Booths in Pop Culture

Did you see Amelie? Photo booths played a central role in this 1998 hit. Nor many foreign-language films reach the pop culture of our periods, but good story-telling and the universal themes of love & photo booths helped it cross over. That's right, photo booths are almost as great as Love. Or rather photos in a booth are a very specific expression of love. People sit together behind the curtain and share something no one else will be able to understand. A moment, perhaps, but a significant moment caught only in the frames of a rolling compact portable reasonably-priced photo booth that can be yours two weeks from now with your purchase today photobooth. Photo booth!

The central character Amelie falls in love with the owner of a lost photo booth scrapbook. Mystery, match-making and the longing for human connection follow their treks around the city's photo booths.